The Gentleman of the Ivories

For over 40 years, Rudy Preite has entertained audiences large and small with his captivating piano arrangements.  During that time, he has attracted a following which began in the humble surroundings of Shelby, Montana and now spans from the Canadian Rockies to the sunny beaches and deserts of Southern California.  Although a significant portion of his recorded work was created with fellow pianist, Gary Walter, Rudy’s versatility has allowed him to perform with top musicians throughout the Western US.  His prized piece, however, has been his solo CD, “Through the Years,” which released in 2010.

Now retired, Rudy travels seasonally with his wife Julie, and proudly enjoys watching his grandchildren grow.  But whether he is watching the moon rise over the gorgeous Montana sky or basking in the hot sun of a Palm Springs afternoon, rest assured that Rudy is never far from a piano, the instrument that has shaped his life, provided endless hours of pleasure, and been responsible for producing dozens of life-changing friendships. 
Indeed, if a man’s wealth can be measured by the number of his true friends, then he is a king among kings.

You are invited to experience Rudy’s talent throughout the pages of this site and the opportunity is yours to bring a piece of his inspiration into your home by purchasing a CD for yourself or as a gift! There is no better complement that you can give to this classic artist and true Gentleman of the Ivories, Rudy Preite.

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